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This is our first year with a pool. I prefer to close it ourselves(opening was way too much $,what a salesman) How do we do it. I know we need to buy a new cover. We dont know whats involved. Can anyone offer suggestions?
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if you have an above ground pool all there is to it is shock the living crap out of it (thats a technical term) by that i mean 3lbs chlorine for every 5,000-7,000 gallons or if you are on baquacil/softswim something to the tune of a half gallon sanitizer and 2 gallons of shock for every 8,000-10,000 gallons. with either system you should put in at least a quart of the strongest algaecide there is.
as far as draining it, take the water down 3-6 inces below the skimmer, disconnect any hoses (if practical) and if you can take your pump in - DO NOT try to take your filter in you could break things inside it.
if you have an inground pool please do not try to close it yourself, there are too many lines that are buried and can freeze because of water in them - even if you think you have them blown out completly. this is an instance where you should call someone, opening is a snap and you can save a lot doing that yourself, but closing an inground pool requires certian know how - otherwise that $300 closing bill could ammount to $3,000 for replaced pipes.
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I close my pool every year, so wouldn't say it is impossible. I use a shop vac to blow the water out of the lines, taking special care to blow the water out of the heater. Then I pour in antifreeze (use the stuff for swimming pools, not cars so you don't poison anyone). If you live in the north though, I highly recommend getting your pool guy to close it for you the first year. Watch what he does, then you can do it yourself thereafter.

About pool covers- you can go with a traditional cover (they are a safety hazard for kids and pets) and buy those water balloons to hold it down , or buy a safety cover (highly recommended for peace of mind but much more expensive).

I've just discovered a cool website that sells videos showing you how to close your own pool, above ground or inground and how to install your own safety cover. I think I will buy the video and get a safety cover for this winter. Doing it myself will save lots of money and I've always been worried about my conventional cover. The website is at http://www.swimmingpooltools.com . Hope it's okay to put this url in here.

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