Help my pool is cloudy


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although i will be closing my pool for the fall and winter season soon, i have a problem i can;t get rid of.

my pool is staying cloudy no matter what i do, it is nicely chlorinated and the ph level is fine, and no algae to speak of.

If anyone can help me with a solution it would be appreciated greatly
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Did you try shocking it and running the filter longer?
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Shocking is a good idea. But if you have already shocked your pool and that didn't take care of the cloudiness, you really need to take a pool sample to your local retail pool store and have it analyzed. Cloudy water can be caused by several things and guessing can cause more harm than good. It's a good idea to always get your water analyzed before you close your pool because its the invisible "boogers" in your water that cause the most trouble.

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Use a clarifer, you have microsophic particles floating in the water. The clarifer will bond them together making them large enough for your filter to trap them. I clarify after everytime I shock the ool [no pee in mine]. I found this out after being on vacation for 2 wks this yr. It reached 102+ at home and the in-laws never used the ool only maintained chlorine level. I had algie abound. Shocked it strongly but could never get the cloudiness clear until an old time owner told me to clarify evertime you shock. The ool was crystal clear the rest of the summer. Unfortunately here in NJ I am forced to close it this weekend due to the drop in temps The season is so short & this yrs summer vacation really took a big bite out of our season.

Hope this helps.

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just curious but I tried using a froc chemical and I could see little white bits start to float around in the pool. After about 12 hours of circulation, I shut the filter off for about 8 hours and then went to vacuum the stuff that collected on the bottom. All that happened was the filter just spit it all back in the pool as I was vacuuming and now I'm back to square one. It's almost as if it didn't coagulate into big enough or strong enough clumps for it to filter out. I backwashed and shocked and backwashed and vacuumed but it is still a blueish white cloud that I can't see the bottom. Could it be that the chemical I used was just crappy and if so do you know of a good one?
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You must vac pool on waste and not run it through filter when using floc. Going through filter basicaly unfloced it.

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