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We have a new plaster pool (was plastered the beginning of July). The pool builder told us we would need to add acid for a while until the plaster cured, but it has been over 2 months and i still have to add acid at least every other day to keep the pH in the 7.4-7.6 range (otherwise it is over 8). How long before i don't have to do this anymore How long does it take for the plaster to cure. i'm afraid that if this isn't taken care of before we winterize we'll be at risk for scale formation.
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pH in new pool

Most pool supply stores offer free water testing. Take a jar of water and go talk with some pros who know what to do to get your water pH under control. For new plaster pools, the usual initial curing time before filling is 30 days minimum. How long did you wait before you filled your pool? Complete curing is 2 years. During the first week, walls should be brushed twice a day. Then, once a day the next 3 weeks. This will assure smooth walls.

Keeping calcium levels high enough in water is the MOST significant factor in plastered pools. If calcium levels in water drop too low, the water will leech calcium out of the plaster. If calcium levels in water are too high, then calcium deposits will occur on pool walls. Ideal calcium level is 200-400 ppm.

Ideal pH is 7.2-7.6. If water is too acidic it will etch plaster over time. If it's too alkaline you will develop scale on plaster.

If you have metals in your water, you will need a sequestering agent. Ideal metals is 0.0-0.1 or you will have stained plaster.

Algae prevention must be added weekly to prevent algae from imbedding in plasgter. Leaving metal tools in plaster pools will stain plaster. Coins in the pool will too. Be very protective of the pool when the leaves start falling, because tannic acid will severely stain plaster. The only way to clean the plaster is with acid wash which shortens life of plaster and replastering.

The only way to keep plaster from cracking is to keep plaster fully covered with water at all times. Exposed plaster will dry out and crack. It is highly recommended that the water be circulated continuously 24 hours a day, especially the first year. This is year round. Some say 12 hours a day after the first year, but 24 hours a day is best. If you should ever cut back to 12 hours a day, do so in the coldest hours of the day particularly in winter to protect plaster and keep it from freezing. Even in winter walls should continue to be brushed once a week.

Find a reputable local pool supply center and become best friends with the owner, so you will be assured of the best service and advice re: maintenance of your plaster pool. This is a major investment that needs the best of care to protect it.

Best regards.

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