Hot Tub Pump not working

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Just filled my hot tub after being down for the summer, and the pump will not work. I feel that the pump needs rebuilt or repaired and want to take it off myself and take it to the repair shop. I don't know where to start. Can you give me some tips or helpful suggestions?
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You outta try one or two things before you disconnect the pump.
There may be a 'air pocket' that locks the impeller from spinning. Crack open an air relief valve on the pump as well as on top of the Filter Canister housing. If you hear 'hissing' sound, it means you have air trapped inside.
Remove all air and try to turn it on again.

If motor just 'humms' after you turn it on, one possibility is that the armature(set of wound-up coils inside motor) is stuck. Shut the breaker and try to turn it loose using vise-grip. If you can free it, turn on the breaker and turn on the power to test. If you cannot free it, bearings might be out. Then, it has to come out and either get rebuilt or replaced.

Here are the steps to remove pump motor assembly:

1. Shut power down from disconnect box.
2. Close water shutoff valves(There're usually one right
before pump, one right after heater unit and one on the
bypass tubing-this is a smaller, usually 1 1/2" flex
tubing that bypasses heater assembly for ozonators.
3. Drain water-Make sure water is completely drained from
Pump and heater assembly.
4. Detach Pump inlet & outlet by turning counter-clockwise.
5. Unbolt motor from support plate.
6. Demate motor connector to control box.
7. Carefully remove pump motor assembly.

It'll probably cost you around $100 to rebuild, pending your pump seal, housing & impeller are fine.
My advice is not to shut spa down for 6 months to begin with. My sister made that mistake(actually she didn't turn it on for almost a year) and it ended up costing her dearly.
Hope this helps...

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