pool leak


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pool leak

I have a concrete pool built in the late 70's with fiberglass panels on the sides. It leaks somewhere! How do I find the leak and what do I use to fix it?
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pool leak


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pool leak

Would u have any suggestions on how to locate the leak? There are no visible cracks in the structure.
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Lightbulb Leaking


Try this simple test.
Place a bucket of water on the top step of your pool.
Make the level of water in the bucket and in the pool equal.
Shut down the pool's filter system for 24 hours.
Check the water levels.
If the water in the bucket is higher, you may have a suction side leak.
If they are equal, your leak is likely NOT on the suction side.
Turn the filter on overnight.
Recheck the water levels.
If it is still level you are seeing evaporation.
If the bucket is higher now, you have a pressure side leak.

After this it is time to pressurize the lines and look/listen for leaks.

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