Can you paint a hot tub?


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Can you paint a hot tub?

I recently moved into a home with an ancient built in hot-tub. I had planned on tearing it out but in looking at it found it to be unique in it's installation. The previous owner had installed it with swimming pool pumps etc. It cleans itself out with it's own plumbing. It also fills with the plumbing in a closet located near-by. These amenities haqve made me re think tearing it out. The only problem is the interior tub is in a burnt orange color. Is there paint or something I can refinish the tubs interior with. I did find a bath tub refinishing kit, but it said it did't work in hot tubs. Will pool paint work? Any suggestions? Thanks
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painting hoy yub

Your tub sounds really neat except the color thing! Sherwyn Williams can tell you as well as a pool/spa dealer about the paint question. Good luck and if you decide not to keep it I;ll come get it-HA!
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Almost anyone with any real experience will tell you it can't really be done. Just about everything will eventually peal off. A bath tub refinishing company "may" be able to re-gelcoat it, but expect to pay a small fortune for it.

I had a service tech some years ago that was given an "ugly" spa. He painted it with a 2 part, epoxy aircraft primer. After 5 years the spa actually looks the same as the day he painted it. Kind of a dull gray. But it hasn't pealed off.

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