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does anyone know the proper way to ground an above ground pool
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The codes vary state to state. Most common is using 8-10 ga solid copper uninsulated wire. It needs to ground the outside circumference of the pool in at least 3 places. You get wire lugs and mount those on the pool upright rails by taking out one of the screws on the rail and putting the lug there, Use the same screw to mount the lug. Now the most important thing to remember here is that the wire has to remain in one piece. So you have to feed the wire through the lugs. A pain but a needed step to make sure the wire is always in place. The end of the wire is mounted on your pump motor, there should be a lug by the switch for that purpose. The other end of the ground wire will be at the last lug. Hope this helps.
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Grounding / Bonding

The key word here is , Code check local , state and national electrical codes,

if the equipment plugs into an outlet with a cord, it requires a GFCI , to clarify bonding the uprights were talking metal parts here, connect to the metel parts. if your code does not require a GFCI I would add one for me & my familys protection make sure you use the correct size wire, if your not sure ask questions,

lol steve

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