Thanks Fedex


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Thanks Fedex

I want to say thanks to Fedex first for picking up my package for free I had a return label for it and then helping me refuse a package even at a very late hour. What I sent back and refused were the same things only one was a replacement for the other. I didn't need that item though as I now have an app on my Ipad that replaces what was sent. So thank you very much Fedex.

In case you might be wondering if the company knows about the refusal they will know about it later today. They also would approve since they don't want me to have the item and use it and also the app so I will use the app exclusively from now on according to their instructions.
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I prefer Fed-Ex, they've always delivered to my house. UPS used to have 3 drivers in my area and only one of them would go up my driveway. That driver must of either quit or got transferred because now it's a crap shoot as to where UPS will drop off the package. DHS is no longer in my area but the one time they attempted to deliver a package to me the girl driving the truck got scared going up my driveway so she started backing down and run off the edge. Neighbor said it took about 2 hrs to get a wrecker and get her back on the road. USPS leaves a note to go to the post office for any item to large to fit in the mailbox.

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