Good showerhead


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Good showerhead

I was looking for a decent non-adjustable (no massage or rain setting) showerhead for my acrylic walk-in shower at this place. I tried a Delta adjustable that I had removed from the other house and it just didn't really have the spray I wanted. I tried a typical $12-15 Delta but it was just too weak with or w/o the water saver. I have 60 PSI supply so it should have performed better I thought. Just happened to be walking down the aisle at Walmart and saw this recently marked down...

I figured, hey whats the worst that could happen for $3.00? If I don't like it I'll throw it in the other bath and replace the grungy one that's there.

Well, not real happy at first, but I went to remove the limiter and didn't see the typical screen or baffle. Finally pried out a small O-ring in the guts which seemed to open up the flow path a bit. Tried it out and "Hallelujah"! High velocity needle streams just like I wanted! The pattern is a little wide, but not excessive.

Sure, it won't win any beauty contests and might not be right for every use, but for a utility or spare shower or one in a well equipped garage or shop, an outdoor pool rinse shower, campground, or similar I think it would be ideal. It's been in about 9 months and no clogging or lessening of flow. Only issue it that it drips for quite a while after shutoff. Not a leak, just water in the arm and head draining out. Could be because of the arm angle to some extent.

I mean, come on! How often do you find something for $3 that does exactly what it's supposed to? I know some of ya'll may think me crazy...but this is a good piece of kit.
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If you had to do a minor modification to get a $3 part to work to your satisfaction...........................sounds like you made a smart purchase Vic.
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I love those needle high pressure shows.

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