Wow, was I surprised


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Wow, was I surprised

Have to give a shout-out to Water Worker. Installed one of their pressure tanks just over 3 1/2 years ago (5 year warranty) and it's recently started losing pre-charge every two weeks or so. Read the warranty documents and there seemed to be lots of room for headaches (send tank back, get it checked by a distributor, etc, etc). Called and talked to a nice lady in their warranty department and they are shipping a replacement this week; no complicated forms, no having to have it inspected or send it in for inspection, no headaches. Wow!
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It's good to hear that someone is still honorable. I think that most of the regulars here remember when things were guaranteed not warrantied. Warranty is a term that was coined to save manufacturers money. A guarantee protected the consumer. A warranty doesn't.
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Sorry, Shorty, but for all practical purposes the words warranty and guarantee are synonymous.

Warranty vs. Guarantee: What You Need to Know
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.... and as the old saying goes 'the devil is in the details!' how the warranty/guarantee is written. Not to mention the company backing it up. Lifetime warranty isn't any good if the company goes out of business.

TG, it's always nice to hear that there are still companies that back their products with no hassle
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Furd, I guess you are right by dictionary standards but why don't we ever hear or see the word guarantee anymore. There has to be a reason.

Any time that I heard lifetime warranty, I asked who's life? When a friend of mine went to buy a Subaru, she signed the papers which supposedly included a bumper to bumper warranty. As soon as she left the salesman's desk, some other guy ambushed her & told her that it really wasn't a true bumper to bumper warranty but HE had the real bumper to bumper warranty. I would have gone back to the first guy & cancelled my order.

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