Early deliverly


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Early deliverly

Monday I ordered a new starter from 'crank n charge' out of macon ga. They shipped it by UPS. The targeted delivery date is friday. It came today kudos to both the seller and UPS! but a to the driver. I only knew it was delivered because of UPS tracking. He set the box next to the road and my mailbox. Granted I live on a dead end low traffic road ...... except for the druggies that go see the drug dealer at the end of the road

The other vendors all had a target shipping rate between 6/19 and the end of the month - and most of them charged for shipping crank-n-charge included free shipping

And my tractor is up and running. When I hit the starter button it turned over so fast it almost scared me
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Do you get the same driver all the time or have you never met him ?
Sometimes a little "goodwill" is appreciated and helpful in going that extra step.
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I don't know who the UPS driver is currently, haven't laid eyes on him in several yrs. There used to be 3 different drivers on this end of the county; 1 would refuse to deliver, 1 would drop it off somewhere and the 3rd would always bring it to the house - even if there was a dusting of snow on my driveway!

Back before Christmas my wife's boss sent us a steak package which we didn't receive. UPS claimed they handed it off to a boy on the street The 2nd delivery was left in the ditch about 25' up my driveway.
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Different drivers - different service. Last year we got about a foot of snow early. I was just breaking out the snowblower when the UPS guy stopped at the end of my 300" drive. He got out and started slogging down the drive. I told him to just leave the package at the end of the drive but he insisted.

He was wearing shorts and ankle high work boots. My wife took a photo and we sent it to UPS. I hope he got an atta' boy.
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My road has taught me the differences in drivers! While it might look scary to some my driveway is decent albeit a little steep. I've had loaded tri axle dump trucks come up, tri axle block truck and a concrete truck BUT I've been told it's too dangerous for the POCO's meter reader's pick up and too steep for some of the UPS drivers, FedEx always comes to the top.

end of my 300" drive
I think you meant 300' my driveway is a little better than a 1/4 mile long.

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