A new policy at the big box store?


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A new policy at the big box store?

Or just a couple of helpful associates?

How many times have you driven miles to a home center only to find the aisle where you need to shop is blocked off while a forklift is stocking merchandise. Or maybe the aisle is blocked off and there is no one around.

Today I wanted to pick up some retaining wall blocks and of course access was blocked while a forklift was stacking stuff. I asked the forklift spotter how long they would be and he said "you're a customer, we'll wait for you." That is the first time that has ever happened to me. Not only that, they helped me load the blocks on a couple of flat carts and helped me drag them out to the car!
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I've never had them stop and open the aisle back up for me but I have had them get something off the shelf and bring it to me.
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Sounds like the orange store 20 years ago. When they had actual people that knew what they were doing.
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I've had them stop what they were doing many times at my local Lowes. So that's good. What cheeses me off is when they leave the isles barricaded after they are done and nobody is around. More than once I've pulled the barricades out of the way and done my shopping. As much money I give them every week I feel I own at least part of the place.

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