An honest golfer!


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An honest golfer!

Last week I lost my money clip. I had $180 in the clip, and that was bad enough, but the real bummer was losing the clip that I had carried for more than 50 years. I thought I may have lost it on the golf course but really I had no clue.

Yesterday I played the same course. When I went in the pro shop the pro asked me if I had lost anything on the course. I told him yes and he produced the clip and all of the money. The pro knew who had played that day and narrowed it down to just a couple of guys.

Another golfer had found it on the course and turned it in to the pro shop even though there was no ID, only cash and an embossed silver clip. The guy who found it could have just put it in his pocket.
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There are still many honest people in this world.
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Yup.. Its like when your in a shopping center.. there are cart returners and cart deserters. Cart returners put others first and most likely the type of guy that found your money clip..

Cart deserters? Well theirs no help for them......
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Mike, I think all those cart deserters probably shop at the Walmart in Secaucus on Saturday mornings. LOL What a nut house.
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The "Walmart" shopper. Always fun to watch but lousy to wait-on.

CW...Glad to hear you got the good end of the stick.

Last week at our store a shopper handed over an extra $100 that was apparently stuck to another $100 bill on a $400 transaction. I discovered it the following day while counting receipts. Hung on to it for several days with no callers or inquiries. Felt bad. Then we found a credit card on the floor in the paint department. Again no way to trace the owner. After several days we destroyed the card. I can only imagine the panic both these shoppers felt.

Several years ago as I was outside our store both me and a shopper simultaneously found $50 dollars in the parking lot. The shopper said we should split it. I said no, we would take it and hold it for several days and if no inquiries then donate to our charity. It just feels right!

I'm a firm believer that what goes around comes around. I think I have been blessed several times over because I have done the right thing and been paid back in many other ways.
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No way to find the owner of the CC? Sure there is. Call the CC company and they will either tell you to destroy it and they would handle it from there, or they would contact the customer for further disposition. We did it more than a few times at HD. Same with non-store issued gift cards (like a pre-paid VISA or MC). If it was 0 balance then trash, if it had a significant amount left they would contact if able.
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Not my decision to make.
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That's a great story! CW I too believe as mentioned there are still some good people left !
However I was expecting the end of the story to go a bit different.
I was looking forward to hear about a small tip say $10/20 left for the finder for his gallant and honest effort.
Now that you have had time to reflect how much JOY and relief you felt when it was handed back to you you may consider a small reward? just my .02 cents.
I once found a wallet with id and 80 bucks in it not far from police station so I dropped it off there. The police officer asked me for my name and contact number just in case the owner would like to leave a reward. Well that was over 8 years ago still haven't heard anything and I don't expect to. LOL I didn't really expect or care for anything but it would of been a nice gesture.
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I have no idea who the guy was that turned it in. He did not leave his name and the pro said that he was not a member. I probably would have left a 20 in the bar for his lunch if I knew who he was.

With that said - IMO honesty is in itself it's own reward. Had I been in his position I would have expected nothing.

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