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This forum!

I know this is a little corny, but I just wanted to give a huge thanks and thumbs up to everyone here. This is, far and away, one of the most helpful and friendly forums I've ever been on.

I've been on other forums where members join and ask a question and are berated with comments like, "Do you know how to search? Couldn't be bothered to put this in the right subforum could you? Didn't we just have a thread about this last week?" I really don't see that here. It's so nice to see people with experience and knowledge sharing it, not hoarding it.

So for all those who have helped me in the past, and all those who help others: THANK YOU!
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You are welcome!
Glad to pass on my expertise before I pass.

RR smilie, smilie
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I'm glad you said it, Squirrel. Not corny. I feel the same way

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