Unexpected Chistmas encounter


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Unexpected Chistmas encounter

Nothing like a little bit of kindness and unexpected good tidings.

My wife tells me this story after coming home from shopping. She went to K-Mart, one of the ones shutting down in our area. She buys just a few personal items not worth more than $8.00. As she pulls out her credit card, a woman comes up and inserts her card and says, "Merry Christmas, but I get to keep the receipt." Then she says to my wife, "Oh this is a small one."

Apparently she has been doing this through out the day. I asked my wife if the clerks or store personal had to say anything and she says they did not bat an eye and just let her do it.

That inspired my wife to send a few extra gift cards to a few people who treated us well during the year.

Merry Christmas and let's pay it forward.
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Thanks for sharing that great story. There really are still some people with good hearts. Its a shame that the bad ones get all the headlines in the news. I am glad y'all got blessed in a small way. I am quite sure you both deserve it.

Merry Christmas.....

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