A Hot Date (Good wine suggestion)

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A Hot Date (Good wine suggestion)

Im taking a girl out on a date this weekend and i need to know a good wine that isnt to expensive. any help would be nice thanks
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White Wine (best used with white meat and vegetarian food):
Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

Red Wine (best used with red meat)
J Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon

Best of luck with your date!

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my fave is Bricco Riella. It is a white sparkling wine made from muscat grapes. They tend to be more flavorful and provide a sweeter wine. (I like sweet).

a bottle is about $10 around my area.

if you like white and sweet, many wines made from muscat grapes will give you this and they don;t need to be expensive. I had one that was about $6. Good stuff but don;t remember the vintner.

If you like sweet and red, Shalom is one of the most flavorful wines I have had and very very cheap to boot. I know, sounds corny but you should see the label, really corny, but good stuff inside.

I don;t care for the wine experts tastes. They tend to like dry wines. I would rather drink a good Balsamic vinagar than most of the wines the experts seem to like.
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Some inexpensive wines can be very good - my dad fills his entire cellar with $10 or less bottles and can beat out much more expensive collections.

Some folks hate dry, some hate sweet, some want intensity and others want mellow. "Good" is in the tastebuds of the taster. I once heard a famous chef admonish the TV host for suggesting white wine with his chicken dish - "But I like reds! Why drink white?" The point is that some folks like a wine not for it's price or what everyone else thinks, but because THEY like it, but you don't know till you try! I've had the privledge to try some of the best wines in the world and thought some tasted like crud (others were astounding but not worth the price to me). Give me a solid low-budget Chilean or Spanish or Northern Cali red over those schmancy expensive bottles any day!

Find out what your date likes, and what the restaurant carries. Then look up on Food and Wine, or Wine Enthusiast, or a similar publication what gets the best ratings in your price point. (Or drop into a liquor store with a good wine selection and talk to the wine person who works there.) Order it. If it's a dud, blame the publication :-) Or for fun head to a wine bar and try a "flight". Ask questions, and enjoy trying to identify the flavors.

Note: If you order a wine that just tastes terrible, don't be afraid to send it back! Wine CAN go bad. That is why you get to taste it first. Educate yourself enough ahead of time to know if the wine needs to breathe or not, however.

Have fun!
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MD 20-20.

On wine etiquette, the only valid reason for sending it back is if it has genuinely gone bad (basically turned to vinegar). Not caring for the taste is not.
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If you want a Cabernet Savignon which is a heavier, dry (not sweet) red wine try:
winery; Concha y Toro
wine; Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Savignon
Your question made me open a bottle of 2004.
Concha y Toro is a large winery in Chile and they make many different levels of wine. Casillero del Diablo (devils cellar) is an upgrade from their common street grade wines. If you want something even better try their Marques.
Now that I typed that, my wife says: If you are going out to a restaurant, call them and talk to their wine person and see what they recommend in your price range. Then on your date you can order it and sound like you know a little something about wine.
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Savignon blanc (california is a personal favorite) is a safe bet...most girls like them...they tend to be under 30$ a bottles generally... you can order this before you eat...

then ask the waiter for a reasonably priced wine that with pair perfectly with each of your meals...and you should be good to go...let us know how the date goes ;-)

Some other personal favs:
Pinot Grigio
Francis Ford Coppola
Cline Cellars (cali)
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As you can see from the wide range of responses, wine in general is a very subjective and sometimes confusing topic. Adding to the confusion is marketing, non objective pricing, and wine snobbism. Recommending a specific label is hard because the best wines are often regionally limited.

If you're dining in a decent restaurant ask the waiter/wine steward/sommelier for help. There is nothing wrong or embarassing about asking for a recommended pairing and don't get stuck in the white for fish and poultry and red for red meat rut.

Individual taste is the only thing that matters when it comes to wine. While I agree that the more expensive wines are generally more complex and interesting, there are lots of inexpensive wines that are very drinkable. The best advice I have - drink a lot of different wines and decide what suits your individual taste.

Want a great daytime date? If you are fortunate to live in an area with several vintners, take your date "wine tasting"

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