Western Dressing


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Western Dressing

Is this good to eat if the 'best by date' is 7/2014? Unopened bottle in the pantry and I need something to put on my tomatoes. Just opened it and it tastes normal.
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I'm certainly no expert but I have heard many people say that if it looks, smells and tastes normal, it is likely still fine. The flip side being that changes making it harmful will usually show up as some kind of noticeable change to the food.
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Throw it away. Why get sick or even die over something that can easily and inexpensively be replaced.
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All dates listed as" best if used by or best if sold by" is exactly that, "best". Does not mean anything is wrong with the item so long as it's sealed. I've had milk dated best if sold by weeks past that date and as long as it was refrigerated it was good. It has been proven canned goods can be kept for years so long as the ends are not bulging, they're good to go. I have had meat frozen for years that was good to eat. I'm not saying you should store food for long periods of time, but it's not necessarily means you need to throw it out. Sealed salad dressing (especially an Italian type as opposed to a blue cheese) if never opened can be kept for months and be as good as the day it bottled.

The views stated here are not necessarily shared by the Missus.

PS...now items wrapped as left overs are another kettle of fish. Look for the blue-green quality ring at the edges, NOT!
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If it looks, smells and tastes good, it is good. That's the best test. Now if it were opened and sitting there for the last 4 years, would be a different story!
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I've had canned goods and boxed goods that were well past their best by date and they were not good. Not moldy or nasty or anything like that. They just tasted off. However, I will not eat dairy or meat more than a few days past it's sell by date.

My wife is a smell it, taste it person. For me it only took one case of food poisoning, including a trip to the ER for a Hoover job, to convince me that taking a chance with suspect food just isn't worth it.
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If you are harvesting home grown tomatoes try serving them with a bit of salt and a drizzle of a balsamic vinegar reduction. You'll never go back to salad dressing.

You can buy a balsamic reduction at a supermarket but it's usually pricey. You can make your own by buying a good balsamic vinegar and reducing it in a saucepan until it's the consistency of syrup. Added bonus - it lasts forever and is great on grilled wings too.
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I wouldn't use it. Throw it out.
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I did use the old stuff for a few days till I ventured out and bought a new bottle, it was fine.

I did reduce some balsamic, nice change to try now and then.

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