Recommendations for quality kitchen knives?

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Recommendations for quality kitchen knives?

Looking for recommendations for kitchen knives - doesn't have to be the most expensive but something that's a substantial upgrade from "Stainless China" boxmart knives. The ones I have work but the handle rivets are rusting, water gets trapped under the handle halves and ooze crud out.

Ideally I don't want a set that also comes with a bunch of steak knives which seems to be common now - just want the kitchen knives.

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If you don't have sharpening tools I like the Kyocera ceramic knives. There are a lot of options but I think this three pack is a good deal and covers most kitchen needs. With care they can go years without sharpening. If you can sharpen knives then I like this 7" Henckel Santoku and a 5" Henckel prep knife. The 7" a big knife so you might find the 5" more comfortable to work with. They both have a thin blade that is good for fish and delicate/precision work but not good for heavy cutting and chopping. For heavy work I like the Wushof 8" chefs knife. It has a decently heavy blade great for everything from breaking down a chicken to cutting big hunks of hard cheese. It is steel though so it will need periodic sharpening.
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I do most of cooking and knife work in our house. My recommendation are the Victorinox Fibrox series. Here's a good starter set that you can add to as needed:
You can spend a *lot* more, but these take an excellent edge, have great balance and heft, and have very durable handles.

Whatever you choose, get in the habit of hand washing and drying them immediately after use and never put the in the dishwasher, even though they are dishwasher safe. It takes seconds to hand hand wash if you do it before "stuff" dries on the knife and the edge will last longer. Also get in the habit of sharpening often. The little hand sharpen block that Victorinox sells works well and a light, quick swipe or two after cleaning is all you need to keep a good edge.
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Rada Cutlery has a good selection and are really good stainless selections.
I have been using these for several years and satisfied with the results.

Shop Rada Cutlery - Official Website
Cutlery and Fundraising. Made in the USA Knives & Kitchen Utensils. Learn more! Made in Waverly Iowa USA. Buy Now or Fundraiser. Durable, Quality Products. Different Handle Options. Types: Knives, Kitchen Utensils, Quick Mixes, Gift Sets.
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How often do you find yourself sharpening these knives? Out of all the recommendations this seems to be the only one that won't break the bank. I know all the others are high quality, but the prices are just out of site.
I was looking at this particular item. Any comments? It's the Silver Handle: Item S04
Black Handle: Item G204

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I have the plain aluminum handles.
Two different lengths of butcher knives, a chef's knife' two paring kniver, a Granny parer, a tomato slicer, and a vegetable peeler.
A few strokes on my diamond stropping block occasionally, keeps them sharp and ready.
Love the Granny parer for fruit processing.

Well satisfied with them for several years.

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How much effort are you willing to put into maintaining them? Quality knives need to be hand washed; never put into the dishwasher and many need to be cleaned and dried immediately to keep them from rusting. How do you plan to store them? If just loose in a drawer, there's no point buying anything at all spendy because the edges will get destroyed banging into each other just as the dishwasher would have done to them. Additionally, all knives need occasional sharpening and whether you can do this well or know someone who can do it for you makes a huge difference as well. Finally, what's the budget? Just like anything else these days, there's almost no amount you can't spend on knives - $500 or more on each individual knife.
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Search knives & cutlery on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Many worthy offerings at bargain prices.
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