Corned beef good or bad - slow cooked

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Corned beef good or bad - slow cooked

Looking to settle a debate. Slow cooker was filled with 2lbs corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots etc. placed in the fridge last night. at 10 am the croc was removed from fridge and placed inside slow cooker. It was set to warm instead of low. This particular slow cooker heats to 165 f when set to warm. 6 hours later when it was found out to be set to warm instead of low, madness erupted! temperature was checked on the corned beef and it was only reading 110 in the center. I said its fine, turn it up now and let it cook... the wife (Yes I am digging a hole but if youre right, youre right...) said nope, thats too much time and not enough heat and proceeded to throw the entire meal in the trash worried we would get food poisoning. I think it would have been fine. she thinks no. any thoughts on this? She will not read this! lol
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I would have turned up the heat until it got to 145*. I hope she picked up the check when she took you out to dinner.
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I wouldn't have eaten it at that point, but I would've cooked it longer. If it was getting too late, I would've cooked it longer, then reheated it for dinner the next day. It's cooked at 145, but I think it needs to cook longer to be more tender.
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Low and slow baby. Turn it up and let it cook to finish it off. I can't believe she wasted good corned beef. We (My wife included) would have eaten 100%. I would have fished it out of the garbage.
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I was taught that 40-140F is the danger zone for cooking any animal product foods, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, etc, and none of them should spend more than 4 hours in that zone, and much less time is better. Bacteria growth is very active in that zone. However, you could have raised the heat and cooked it to above 165 to kill off any bacteria that had grown and it would have been safe to eat. Corned beef will do pretty well cooked to 165, some other foods, not so much.
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I agree with most others,
Think of it this way. Most people will like their beef, burgers, steak, whatever rare (or like my daughter, blood still oozing out). I would just cook it longer and hotter.
BTW...I like my meat well, well done!
But FWIW, my wife was the same way. If she even thought, it might not be well cooked it was tossed. Anything left in the fridge over two days was tossed. Yet she would save any leftovers. Many times, I told her, throw it now and save the extra work of storing it. LOL
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I got a sous vide for Christmas so I've been playing with it for a few months. It's a similar though more controlled cooking than a crock pot. Both cook low and slow. And, since yesterday was green beer day I happen to be fresh on cooking corned beef.

For a 3 pound corned beef they recommend 180f for 10 hours. I was really surprised when I saw the cooking time at 145f which is 36 hours. I assume the cooking time in a crock pot would be similar.

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