High Grade locks worth $$$ ??


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Lightbulb High Grade locks worth $$$ ??

Is it really worth installing High grade locks such a Schlage or Will the burgular more likely just break a window and enter ??

Even the cheap quickset locks are harder to defeat that a window so is there any point in high $$ locks for the doors ??

I will say the Schlage locks do seem to operate smoother than the Kwikset products ...
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It all depends. In a densely populated area breaking glass may draw more attention so a burglar may opt for a possibly more quiet method of entry such as wrenching a lock. Out in the country no one will hear so not much point.

Your point is valid though. Why pay big bucks for a powerful lock when they can pop a window-your budget has to decide.
If money is an issue spend it on good security lights first.

You touch on another good point-I like the mechanical reliability of a well constructed lock.
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I have worked in apartment maintenance for several years and have used Schlage, Kwikset and Weiser locks, among others. I have found that Schlage tend to be smoother and last longer in this business. However, as for security, all the dead bolts work just about as well, and none of them are any better than the strength of the door frame. Motion detector lights and perhaps a security system or alarm system might be a better investment than spending more for the locks themselves. Also security cameras are becoming quite affordable and practical for computer savy people.

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