Entry door locks?


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Question Entry door locks?

Last year I bought a 3 family home in mass.The 2nd floor entry door lock has been nothing but trouble.It is a sufrace mount type
wich screws to the door,and has a spring loaded latch.
I want to take this off,and replace it with a regular deadbolt,wich is keyed outside and a lever inside.This is a solid wood door.
The problem is the surface mount lock,has a cylinder lock for a key though the door.Should I just remove this,and put the deadbolt in the same hole,and mortise out the casing?Any ideas would be helpful.
Also the other enterance has a fairly nice arbus deadbolt (vertical pin)type of lock,but we have no keys for it.Can this be keyed at a locksmith,or should it to be replaced?Thanks
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If your new deadbolt lines up ok with the old rim lock then it would be nice to cover the old installation holes, making adjustments where necessary. If you have problems, you could get a lock guard which is a metal plate that will wrap around the door, have holes for your new deadbolt, and help cover/ reinforce the area where the old lock was.

I am not familiar with "arbus" but if it has a keyed cylinder then a locksmith should be able to rekey it for you. The cheapest way would be to remove it from the door and drop it off at their shop.

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