Door block/lock


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Door block/lock

My front door is one of those "3 piece" specials, that have little windows on either side of the door. Anyone wanting to get in, could easily punch out the little window, reach in and unlock the door. The door frame isnt all that sturdy either, so a dead bolt would only hold them back for another 3 seconds. Fortunately, the area I live in is quite rural, but you never know.

My question, is there a "really" solid piece of equipment that you can mount into the floor, that would hold back the average kick/shove. I found one that actually is like a door bolt that goes UP the door and bolts into the floor, but anyone popping out that little side window could then unbolt the lock. Im looking for something that is LOW to the floor, and offers some sort of security. Thanks for your time
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Why not use a double-cylinder deadbolt? You need a key to open on both sides when locked. There are life/safety concerns-if there is a fire you need the key to exit when locked. Lots of folks who have these will leave the key in it while they are at home.

There also are suface mounted bolts made for patio doors that lock with a key. Something like this might work but you might as well go with the double cyl. deadbolt-much easier to use. Although, it would give you another locking point to reinforce the opening.

There are also bolts that allow you to put a padlock through them to lock-again life safety problems.

There is nothing else that I know of to block the door that cannot be flipped back if they break a window.

I would look at the double deadbolt and reinforce the strike and frame as the best solution.

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