door knob replacement


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door knob replacement

I need to know the steps to take apart the interior to exterior round handle to fix or replace it. Please? Gjilroy
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Welcome to the forums.

It depends on the lock you have. I am assuming there are no visible screws on the lock?

If this is the case, the first thing to do is remove the inside knob. There will usually be a small hole to access a spring retainer-depress this while pulling gently on the knob(sometimes the knob must be partially turned to depress or locate the retainer).

Once the knob is off, the plate against the door needs to be removed to access the screws. This plate is sometimes a friction fit-pry gently on the edge w/a small screwdriver. Sometimes there is a spring retainer on the edge that you depress while prying it off.

Sometimes it is only the latch that is defective and if you can find a replacement, you can save the old handles. With most cheaper locks you may want to replace everything.
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Can I open this back up?
We are trying to take a door knob off that goes to a closet. No lock.

One side of the knob has a small slot with something inside.

The other side has a small circle that goes under the knob.

I have tried sticking things in the slot and can't get anything to give.

Any advise?
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Sometimes on older high quality locks, the plate may be threaded and have to be turned off. The slot may be for a spanner wrench to hook into. The knob will often have a set screw that is loosened and the knob removed and then back the plate off. Channel-locks will work if damage to the plate is not an issue.
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Garage door knob stopped working (Knob won't turn)

The garage door knob stopped working and I can't turn it at all, even if unlocked. The door knob has a key on the outside(garage) and a turn piece on the inside.

I unscrewed the inside piece of the knob and took it off, same for the outside piece, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the locking mechanism to let go and let me open the door so I can change it.

Any words of wisdom on how to accomplish this ?


Richard Labossiere
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If you got the inside knob off, you should be able to remove the inside plate that keeps the lock on the door. there are usually a couple of screws or perhaps it may be threaded but that is not common. When this plate if removed, the outside and the lock body should pull out, allowing you to pull the latch back. Usually a screw driver is sufficient to act as a spindle and easily draw the latch back. If the latch is really mucked up, you may have to twist it out piece by piece with a pliers.

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