Old locks....


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Old locks....

Please bear with me as I don't know technical names....
Have old type (skeleton key) lock on a door in our new(older) house. On the side of the door there's the bolt for the deadbolt, the regular latch and two buttons. When one button is pushed in the other comes out and vice versa. This also prevents the doorknob from being turned. As I have no key I cannot test my theory that this is simply another lock and can be unlocked with a key. Is this correct? What is this type of lock called? I'd like to use this lock and need to know what questions to ask when I attempt to get keys made.
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This is an entrance type lock. By locking the handle in addition to the deadbolt you have extra security. The key will normally retract the deadbolt and if you keep turning it, will then retract the latch. Or the deadbolt may be just a privacy feature only operable from the inside.

The cheapest way to get a key made would be to remove the lock and bring it to a lock shop that has the materials and have them custom fit a key.

The easiest way would be to have them come out and do the work on site but you will pay for a trip charge.

Unfortunately, unless a common profile skeleton key fits, you will have to have the keys custom made.
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I believe this is called a warded bit lock. Good luck!

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