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I have a summer place in a relatively deserted area and want to monitor it via the net with a camera. I need to know what software, and hardware (other than camera) I need to accomplish this. Thanks.
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Obviously at the remote (monitored site)you'll need a PC with modem and a telephone line (or other means of hooking up to the internet).
There are many made-for-PC camera solutions; 3Com make an excellent one. They come with the camera, video card amd all sorts of programs but one item I would heartily recommend that you would have to but seperately is a program called "GOTCHA". You can download it and try it free from their website at: -E-mail:
Web Page:

I'm not one for buying programs but this is a 'must have'. It can monitor anything anywhere in many different ways including turning itself on only when it detects motion or when a preset incident occurs; like when a normally closed door is opened!
The program can be used over the web by dialling in to your PC from where ever in the world you may be monitoring from. Of course, you can always avail yourself of any of the free web space going around and set up a constant "house cam" at the place you want to monitor. By the way, this program will also send you an email or send to a bleeper if a predetermined incident takes place.
No; I'm nothing to do with the vendors of this program; I just think it's neat and at (I recall) around 39$ it does everything you could possibly want.
Hope this is what you are looking for.


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