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Hi, We have a home alarm that was installed when we had our house built 9 years ago. Today it suddenly armed itself and when I put in the code it wouldn't turn off. Then when I opened the door it started the siren going off outside(actually the siren is in the attic, but is really loud outside)We couldn't get it to turn off, so we had to turn it off at the fuse box. Which of course turned other stuff off in the house. So my husband disconnected the back up battery and unplugged the main plug for the alarm from the outlet the people had wired it to. Turned the fuse back on and everything else works now.
But not the alarm, of course because it has no power going to it.
What could be the problem and how do we fix it. Is there some way to ck it to find out the problem. Thanks for any and all help with this, its very appreciated.
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Depending on the complexity of the alarm system, this problem may need a pro.

If your system has motion sensors, door/window switches, remote controls and carpet pressure sensors, any one of these may have a shorted connection.

The process of checking therefore can become time consuming. Each sensor and switch would have to be checked plus each remote pad and the main control panel.

You didn't mention if this system is hardwired or wireless and what brand. This would have to also be known since many variations and combinations are used.

It may be best to have the company who made it send their rep over to correct/fix the problem if time and patients are limited.

Good Luck,

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