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I can't get my smoke detector to stop sounding, even after changing the battery. How do I solve this?

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You didn't mention if this smoke detector is the common store bought detector, thus I have to assume it is.


Remove the battery. Put it outdoors for a few hours to purge the sensor.

Install the battery. Move it back inside but to another location indoors and see what happens.

If it immediately sounds even outdoors once the battery is installed, toss it and buy another one.

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Smoke detectors have a definite life cycle. Over time the sensing chambers in all smoke detectors become contaminated by whatever is in the air passing through (dust, grease, smoke, water vapor, etc.) When the chamber is contaminated, it effectively increases the sensistivity of the detector since now it requires less of a smokelike substance in the air passing through the sensing chamber to push it over the threshhold into alarm. If your detector is sounding all the time, either the electronics are defective (possible), or the sensing chamber is contaminated (very likely). Manufacturers of smoke detectors suggest that the detectors (sensing chambers) be cleaned "periodically" by either vacuuming or blowing out with clean air. Some manufactures (ESL) even offer replaceable sensing chambers. Unless the detector is expensive (part of a system or containing auxiliary features like an attic fan shut-down relay) you're probably better off just replacing the detector. Hope this helps.
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