Removing Sargent Lockset


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How do you remove the knob from a 1950 vintage Sargent Lockset? Can't find a pin or screw that holds it on. This is not like any locksets I have installed or removed.
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I am not real familiar with older Sargent but perhaps this will help. A Sargent 6-line, which will have a 6 on the latch face, is removed by depressing the small rectangular tab behind the inside knob an pulling the knob off. Then use a small screw driver to pry off the plate on the door. Under this will be a plate with screws that can be removed to remove the lock.
If it is a 7 or 8 line then you must loosen the inside and outside plates touching the door, called a rose, with a tool. There are special spanner wrenches made for this that fit into a small hole and allow you to turn and loosen these. Sometimes you can use a hammer and punch to back these off. Your last resort would be vise grips as the finish on your lock would be ruined.
Once you have both the inside and outside rose as loose as they will go,make sure the knob is unlocked and rotate the knob until you see a small wire. When you depress this and pull on the knob, it will come off if there are no other mechanical problems like corrosion. There is also a small pin, which must be removed, which holds the lock chassis to the latch. This will allow you to remove the lock completey from the door.

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