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I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes...
I am wondering if anyone out there has an idea that may work in regards to a way to use a garage door opening system( or somthing?) to slide a metal gate open and closed in front of my home?
I have a metal fence type gate that opens ( swings) to allow vehicles to enter or exit my driveway...My wife and I have just had a baby boy and I want to keep this gate closed at all times due to a busy road in front of our home...I was hoping that I could find an inexpensive ( cheap) way to open and close this gate without having to get out of the vehicle...any ideas or suggestions would be great
Thanks to all who respond!
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They're out there and pretty common, every ranch around here has one, but come to think of it I don't recall if they are sliding or swinging, probably some of both. Contact someone in the commercial fencing. and/or security business.

Our old company had a sliding gate, IIRC it was chain driven,with limit switches. I'm no good at designing stuff, but if you're mechanically minded you could design you're own and build it out of off-the-shelf parts. Nothing really fancy involved.

Good luck

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most farm stores sell a swing opener, sells for around $500.

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