Motrtise locks?


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Question Motrtise locks?

I own an older home wich has a mortise lock (skeleton key)
on the entry door.
We added a dead bolt above,as there is no key for the lock.
How old are these type locks?
Also if I wanted to replace the door knob,lock with a new unit whats the best procedure,as the door is mortised out?Thanks.
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If you can remove the mortise lock, you can take it to a Locksmith shop and have them make you a working key.

My home is 130 years old and it too has a mortise lock with beautiful trim. I wanted to keep the original look but I added a deadbolt as the old mortise boxes don't really provide security.
I stripped the clear coat off the new brass deadbolt and polished both the old hardware and the new deadbolt with brass cleaner, then I clear coated them again. Now, it's almost imposible to tell the old hardware from the new deadbolt and they look great together on the door.

If you are sure you want to upgrade to a newer style knobset, you can buy a wraparound plate in various finishes at your local Locksmith shop. A wrap plate will cover the old mortise cutout and is pre drilled with a 2 1/8" hole and latch prep. You will also need to buy an extended strike plate for the frame side to cover the old frame cutout as well.
Just be sure to have the backset measurement (edge of the door to center of the hole) and door thickness when you go.
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Depending on the size of the existing holes, it may be possible to purchase a new mortise lock that will be a close fit and have modern security.

My neighbor was able to order one that fit with minor adjustments as he wanted to avoid installing a seperate deadbolt to maintain the appearance of the old door with beveled glass.

The nice thing is, as WGW pointed out, you have several options to choose from.
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You should be able to remove the cylinder part where the key goes and replace just that. Look for a screw on the door plate and remove that. Unscrew any trim holding the cylinder in place. Then, simply twist the cylinder and it should come right out. You should be able to easily find a replacement.

If you want to replace the lock, simple measure it and search on the internet for "mortise lock". You should be able to find another lock body that is a close fit. A chisel, a little wood putty, and some paint and it will look like new. I don't recommend a wrap plate-they look terrible.

If you just don't like the doorknobs, you should be able to replace those without replacing the lock body.

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