doorknobs only turn one way

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doorknobs only turn one way

Hi there,

I just bought a house and I'm trying to fix some of the quirks that came with the place. I have all of the light switches right side up, now on to the doorknobs. On our entry doors, front and kitchen the doorknobs only turn is one direction. It's not the end of the world, but a little annoying. The doorknobs are Defiant brand. Any suggestions?

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Sometimes the latches will become worn out by the spindle in the direction the knob is normally turned. You would have to take them apart to see if this is the cause. Look for rounded off areas where the spindle goes through the latch.

I believe these Defiants are a cheap residential brand-if you find worn parts, you would be best off replacing the entire lockset.

Lever handles will only turn in one direction.
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thanks schiejr,

but they're new doors and locks, the place was remodeled before being sold. Not lever handles either, just standard knobs. I thought I remembered my dad saying that putting a lock/knob together wrong could have this effect. But, like most kids, I only half listened.

Does Defiant have a website? I did a search but couldn't find them.

Anyway thanks for the advise. Maybe I'll just replace them anyway if they're junk.
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The house we bought had "defiant" brand knobsets when we moved in too.
One does'nt have to look very close to realise that they are of cheap quality in the extreme.
(Though mine turned to open in either direction.)
Being a locksmith, they were the first things to be replaced after moving in.
If you want any measure of security, I strongly suggest looking at replacements too.
It's best to stick with quality "made in the USA" brand names when it comes to knobsets and deadbolts as there are plenty of "off shore" immitations around at bargain prices.
You really do get what you pay for...
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While defiant hardware (and I use the term loosely) is not ver good stuff, I've seen the same problem wth other residential hardware. The usual culprit s the latch. Unfortunately, Defiant is a cheap import lockest and replacement parts aren't redily available (unless you're a pack-rat like me).

You've got a couple of options. You could call a locksmith who might just have a "scavenged" latch that will work as a replacement but in my opinion you're throwing good money after bad repairing something like a defiant.

Besides, you didn't come to a DYI forum for me to tell you to call a pro.

My advice would be to replace the knobset with something like a Kwikset. Sometimes Kwikset gets a bad rap with locksmiths (quality wise) but as far as I'm concerned they make a decent *residential grade* knob set.

If you have multiple locks keyed to the same key, you can have the Kwikset keyed to your existing key. If you do this, ask the person who rekeys it _not_ to put the cylinder back into the knob. Wait until the knobset is installed on the door. Then pop the cylinder in so that is it will be right-side-up (cuts on key facing up when inserted into the cyl) no matter what the handing of the door.

Good luck

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I had the same problem. I removed the knobs/locksets to paint my security door. When I re-installed them the knob would only turn one way. On mine there are teeth inside on the bolt mechanism and I looked at a drawing for SafeLock by Black and Decker and it says these teeth should not be up but turned toward the latch. Well I could not make it work. I kept turning the knob and re-installing in different positions. Finally I decided to move the slide on the bolt mechanism until the teeth turned toward the latch. I slid the square tubing of the knob mechanism into the square hole of the bolt mechanism and then I adjusted the knob to line up with the holes for the screws and VIOLA it worked.
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Hello and welcome to the forum, however please check the dates since this thread is 11yrs old and the OP is no longer a member. I'm also sure the problem has been long fixed.
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