One key for my House?


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One key for my House?

One of the most common questions from new building owners, especially older multi-units is how do I get rid of all these keys?

Often one key will fit the entrance lock and another the deadbolt. There may be a back door key and a front door key and another for the garage.

If the locks are the same brand and have the same keyway then a solution will be easy and relatively inexpensive. Some home centers sell rekey kits for common locks. Beware of losing some of the small pins-if you cannot find them you are out of luck. The cheapest way to correct this is remove the locks and bring them to you local locksmith or home center that offers rekeying services. This way you avoid a trip charge from the locksmith to come to your house. Depending on where you live, removing all the locks at once may or may not be a good idea. It would be best to call ahead to make sure they have time to do the job when you bring them in. Rekeying a single lock usually costs 6-10 dollars plus keys. You could have them keyed to match an existing key or a brand new one for a little extra money.

If your locks are different brands, new locks will usually have to be purchased that are the same. Many home centers will be able to provide you with new locks keyed alike if you choose to go this route.

Keying locks alike is not possible for an apartment building. In this case a locksmith will provide you with a master key system. This allows the owner to use one master key to access all the apartments and different keys will work in each apartment for the tenants. All the locks will have to be rekeyed to implement a master key system. All the locks must be the same brand. Be sure not to lose the master key, if you do, convenience will compromise the security of the whole building and you will have to have it rekeyed.
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One Key For Your House

If you have have Schlage, Kwickset, Baldwin, (and some other brand locks,) you should be able to remove all the cylinders and take them to be rekeyed alike by a local locksmith for very little $. The important thing is that each of the locks need to be built from the same keyway. The most common is the 'C' keyway (schlage, kwickset, baldwin, etc...)
They can be keyed alike without the investment of new lock hardware, with the exception of an oddball lock on one of your doors.
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Welcome to the forums Redrick. A lot of manufacturers will use the Schlage C keyway on their locks, allowing them to fit Schlage systems/locks. Kwikset is a new one to me for the Schlage C, although I am familiar with Kwikset fitting some Weiser.

That is a good recommendation though, many manufacturers, especially for commercial lines of hardware will have replacement cylinders in their key way to fit another manufacturers lock. This allows the building owner to change keys or integrate new hardware without replacing all the existing.

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I have a vacation home with a detached garage. I want the house and garage keyed differently, so when I rent out the house the renters won't have access to the garage. Yet for myself I want one master key to open both. Will the big box stores be able to provide a master key for two locks keyed differently for the brands they sell?
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Typically they are unable to generate a new key, just work with the ones that come with the lock. All depends on the store and who they have working.

Your local locksmith could fix you up in a jiffy.
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In my 25 years in this business Kwikset has never been compatible with Schlage. If they are now, that would be truly useful but most unlikely. I think it might be possible for a third party manufacturer to provide a cylinder to suit a schlage profile but i dont see kwikset providing that scenario, it would be business suicide....for both companies. The one thing that separates them is the cost of goods. Bring down the cost of schlage to kwikset pricing and schlage will lose many millions of dollars. Whilst the idea is nice from the consumers point of view, i dont think it is likely to happen in my lifetime.

Although, I do believe certain high security cylinder manufacturers are working on replacement cylinders for kwiksets, but the cost for each cylinder would likely be 5 times the cost of the hardware.

Nice try, but!
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Key compatibility

My neighbor, a 78 year old widow woman, was telling me about a problem with her front door lockset. I checked it out and it was a Dexter. A local locksmith told her they didn't make them anymore and the one she had was not repairable. I checked online and it seems they still make Dexter but I couldn't find a "Where to buy" feature on their website. I did learn that Schlage evidently owns Dexter. I took her key to Home Depot hoping that it would fit into a Schlage lockset (which HD carries). It didn't. On a whim, I tried it in a Weiser display and it fit. Unfortunately, Weiser is a special order only. Just for grins, I tried it in a Kwikset and was surprised to find that it fit. Heck, I had a big box full of various Kwikset locksets and deadbolts and a Kwikset re-keying kit. I was able to find an antique brass entry lockset among my hope chest and re-key it to fit her key. Gee, maybe she'll put me in her will.

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