Floor Safe


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Floor Safe

I just bought my first home and found an undisclosed floor safe in the bedroom. It has a combination lock. Do you think a locksmith would open this since I don't have the combo? And, if so, can they change the combo on a combination lock so I can continue to use it for myself?

~ Kelly
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More than likely they can get it open. You may have to get a new door or tumbler. You gonna split the booty you find inside with me now??.....
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Somehow I think it's probably just empty. Although the Sellers never even mentioned its existence to me. Is it possible they didn't know it was there???

Finders keepers, right? Which means no sharing. Sorry!!!

~ Kelly
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A Locksmith could certainly open the safe for you.
Depending on the safe manufacturer, a Locksmith might be able to manipulate it open and reset a new combination for you.
Even if it has to be drilled open, it can be put back to a usable condition with a little repair.
If you supply your local Locksmith store with a manufacturer name, they could likely provide you an estimate on cost beforehand.
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I don't see any reason why a ***competent*** safe tech (not nesessarily a "locksmith" - there is a difference) wouldn't be able to open it. Depending on what brand of safe it is, it may not be cost effective, though. Especially if there is nothing in it.

If there is something in it, it's yours. You bought the house - and everything in it.

Now if - just for example - you bought the house from someone who got it from their grand mother and had no idea the safe was even there, and you find a small fortune squirled away...

Well, I guess it would be up to you do do the right thing. Your conscience will tell you what "the right thing" is. If it were me (and it were a case similar to the above mentioned), I'd probably split the find with the previous owner (minus the opening fee).

Now if the prevous owner has no obvous connection to the money, it's yours - free and clear.

But I digress.....

If you'll post the manufacturer, model number and any other available informaton about the container, I'll gve you a general idea of what it will cost to have it opened.

A word of caution... Be careful who you contract to open your safe. As stated previously a "locksmth" isn't nesessarly a safe techintian (although many do cross over - myself included).

Being able to get a safe open and being able to open it in a manner that leaves it _repairable_ are two different things.

Make sure whomever you hire knows what he's doing. (FYI - If his price is much lower than anybody else's, he's probably going to butcher it.)
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Did you ever find anything in the safe?

I wish I could find an infloor safe here.

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