loose Guardsman entry dook lock/knob


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Question loose Guardsman entry dook lock/knob

I have a Guardsman brand deadbolt/keyed doorknob entry duo. Uses same key. The doorknob has become loose, but I can't find a set screw to tighten the assembly. Where is this located? How do I tighten it?
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I believe Guardsman is an economy brand. I have never worked on one. Is it the inside knob that is loose? If it is part of an escutcheon plate, there may be an snap ring holding it on or some type of threaded assembly, in which case the escutcheon would have to be removed. Can you describe the escutcheon plates? Do you have knobs on both sides? Any visible screws?

I was trying to find some info on these to no avail. If no one else can help, I believe this is the company-perhaps they have customer service that can help.

Guardsman Products Inc
411 N Darling St
Fremont MI 49412
616 924 3950

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Smile RE: loose Guardsman .....

Thanks for the address and ideas - knobs on both sides,no visible screws, escutcheon plates around knobs are smooth, the inside doorknob plate has a small indentation on the edge, will try to see if this is a "pry area" for snap ring.

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Usually in a setup like this with no screws, the knob is removed first, often by depressing a spring retainer through a small hole on the narrow part of the knob(sometimes you have to partially turn the knob to depress the retainer). Once the knob is removed, the inside plate can be removed to access the mounting screws. Good luck-let us know what you find.
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Super explanation….works perfectly…..First removed the insight knob by pressing in the small hole on the side of the knob, unscrewed the two bolts and the outsight knob removed also…..Tks

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