2 1/4" Backset


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2 1/4" Backset

I'm attempting to replace my old entryset with a new unit. The backset on the old lock is 2 1/4 inches and I understand that the standard minimum is 2 3/8. Is it possible to find a new lock with a 2 1/4 inch backset?

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I have never heard of one in the American market. Are you sure someone did not mark the door a bit off and drilled the hole off? I have seen that quite a few times-drop an 1/8 and you are at 2 1/4. Many times if there is a bevel on the door, this can cause problems with measurements-measure from the high side.

If you have a standard lockset, I would suspect the 2 3/8 would fit.
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Not exactly the same question, but here goes:

We just bought a new house and started to replace the locks on the doors.

Came to find that the front door had a backset of at least 5" (start of the hole, not sure where you measure from). Box stores didn't have any lock sets that would work.

Worth finding a lockshop, or should we just replace the door with something mroe standard?
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5" backset latches are still readily available from many manufacturers. They can be found online or your local lockshop can order them for you.

Backset is measured from the edge of the door to the center of the hole. Bevels on the door and measuring errors can cause the numbers to be a bit off.
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Hi geoellis
The only 2 1/4" backset that comes to mind is a mortise box lock.
This is evident by the rectangular cutout in the door as opposed to the much smaller 1" hole usually drilled to accomodate a latch or bolt.
If the mortise cutout is what you have, you will need to install either a 4" or 9" wrap around plate to cover the old holes(Mag is one manufacturer of these). Then you can redrill your door to either 2 3/8 or the standard 2 3/4" backset.

BTW; Schlage used to make a 1 3/4" backset, but they were discontinued many years ago.


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