help on security door latch assembly


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Unhappy help on security door latch assembly

Hello and how are you today? I have a perfectly good security screen door except for the handle. The latch assembly looks like a mortise lock but I do not think that is what this one is. It is mounted to the screen door with 1 screw on each side. when removed then 2 screws on the front edge of the door and the latch assembly comes out On the assembly while still on the door there is a handle both sides and below the handles are the key holes that makes a c shape lock come out and slide over the latch plate on the door jamb. the unit is 8 inches tall and about 3/4 inch thick. WHERE CAN I GET A NEW ONE?
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That is a tough one with no manufacturer name. Here are some posts from a similar problem that might give you some ideas.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a replacement for our storm door handle which was broke by our dog. There is no information on the door anywhere, I've removed just about everything I can possibly remove from the door looking for a model# or manufacturer - there is nothing. I'm hoping maybe someone here will recognize the handle and be able to point my in the direction of a replacement.
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Direct linking is not allowed but I could not get the link to work w/cutting and pasting to my browser, even after trying different variatons, just your homepage and I could not find it there.

With no name it would be a tough one. Many replacements are surface mounted and can be installed on any door. Are you trying to preserve looks/cover holes? Have you tried any manufacturers? Pella, Anderson, Larson, etc may have available hardware on their websites. National makes replacement hardware commonly available at hardware stores and home centers. Stanley is another big name in residential hardware.

If it is an older door, direct replacements may not be available.

Most glass shops sell and install storm doors.
Take your handle to a glass shop and they should be able to match it up or order a new one


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