Screen Door lock changed and stuck


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Screen Door lock changed and stuck

We bought a house with a screen door with no keys. I removed the cylinder and got a replacement.

Before putting the replacement in I tested the keys and all was fine.

I put the replacement cylinder in and locked with the key but now it won't unluck.

I have proceeded to try to take the door off the hinges but even this seems impossible (some of the screew heads have worn off and can't be unscrewed).

Is this a lock problem ? (despite being testing before installation) Is there anything I can do before calling a locksmith - I don't want a simple little DIY lock change to turn into a $150 locksmith bill.
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Welcome to the forums alect! Sorry it is under irritating circumstances.

Is it a brand name lock? Where did you get the replacement? How did you get it apart the first time? If we have a name, someone may be familiar with that brand/style.

Some locks require proper timing-the postion of the cam on the cylinder versus the workings of the lock or latch. Although, normally with a timing problem, you would still be able to turn the key back.

Is it at all possible that the latch is pressure bound? Pulling or pushing on the door while turning the key would work in this case.

If your door is locked shut, for the benefit of any one else, if you do any lock work, always lock and unlock it several times with the door open to make sure all is well. If you did this, then barring a sudden mechanical failure, it would be a problem with the door or latch binding.

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