key doesn't work


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key doesn't work

I've just installed a Kwikset security keyed entry lock. Everything seems to be working fine, except that I can't open the door with the keys that came with the lock. The key just won't turn at all when the door is locked. When it's not locked, the key will turn, but not lock. Is this happening because I installed it incorrectly, or is it a problem with the keys? Thank you.
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The way to check for sure is remove the outside knob with the cylinder and check operation. Hold the knob tight while turning to make sure the whole assembly is not turning ( which is probably what is happening to you when the door is unlocked) if it is the keys it will not work at all, if it is installation it will stop working upon assembly. If it is the keys-return to the store for exchange (and check the new one before you leave )

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