corbin lockset


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corbin lockset

I have a Corbin lockset, probably constructed in the 1930's. I am trying to remove it from the door. It has a deadbolt with it. I am able to remove the knobs and inside plate but cannot figure out how to get the key slot for the deadbolt out and outside plate removed from the door.
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Could this be an old mortise lock about 8 inches high? If so the cylinder that operates the deadbolt is held in by a set screw on the edge of the lock under the face plate.

Looks similar to this with knobs instead of levers?
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With the door open, look at the edge of the lock. There are a bunch of screws. Take them all out. Look at the thing the key goes in-it should be round. Unscrew the entire thing counterclockwise-there may be a collar around it. Unscrew that too. Now yank the entire lock out of the door. You will be left with a large rectangular hole.

Emtek makes mortise locks that are similar in size to the old Corbin mortise locks.
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I don't recommend "taking them all out" referring to the screws, some of the older mortise locks don't have a face plate. If it does, remove the top and bottom screws. Remove the face plate. Under the face plate will be a screw recessed into the lock body either in the center of the lock or offset to the same side the cylinder is threaded in from. But it should be aligned horizontally in line with the center of the lock cylinder. Once you "loosen" this screw, only uncrew it about 5-6 complete revolutions, try turning the cylinder by hand counter clockwise. Use a key inserted halfway-in to aid in turning. If it doesnt turn easily dont force it... yet! Turn the threaded cylinder until it releases from the lock body. If it still doesnt unscew try loosening the top and bottom screws holding the lock body into the pocket, then try turning it clockwise again. It should turn easily, if it does not it could be cross-threaded or have some buildup in the threads. If necessary us a pair of channel locks to grip the cylinder to unscrew it counter-clockwise.

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