Mortise Lock?


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Mortise Lock?

I need some help. I had a helper take apart a mortise lock and tipped it over. Now I can't fully put it back together.Is there a place or web site that can give me a picture on how it is supposed to go back together. I have 98% of it back together, there is only one piece I need to figure out where it goes.And no, I can't afford the locksmith......HELP
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Welcome to the DIY boards TDC22.
Do you know that manufacturer of the mortise box?
If an online schematic exists, a google search should kead you to the makers web site.
If that does'nt get results, you can take it into a locksmith shop to have the last piece put in, I can't see that costing a whole lot.
Some mortise boxes have springs that'll fly as soon as the cover is opened, and are a challenge (to say the least) to get them to stay put while the cover is put back on.

Out of curiousity, what make is it?

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Question Mortise lock

Did you ever figure out how to put your mortise lock back together? I have the same problem, trying to get one of those springs back in place. My lock is 80 years old and has no manufacturer's name on it. I just want a diagram to show me where to put that spring. Thanks. mhherbert
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Welcome to the forums, mhherbert!

Without a manufacturer it is almost impossible to say for sure. Even with the manufacturer name, different functions of locks have different parts and they are often redesigned over the years.

Some generalities: there is often a separate spring for the hubs the knob spindle goes through. Many deadbolts have their own spring to keep the bolt in position, these are often tricky to get back in. Russwin deadbolts have a couple of different straight springs with bends.

WGW's suggestion may the best for your situation also. Your other option is to take a good close up picture of your open lock and the spring and post it on a photo hosting site and provide us a link. We could take a look and maybe tell from the picture, no guarantees though.
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Old Russwin Deadbolt

I think I'm in a similar situation with an old Russwin deadbolt (non-mortise, screws on to the inside of the door). Do you have any details or diagrams on where the "tricky to get back in" springs go and how to do it? (Do they fit under the sliding deadbolt as you look down on the disassenbled lock, in order to put upward pressure on the deadbolt against the top plate that screws on to hold everything inside?)
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Our curiosity is piqued...(picked?) Need photo!
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They are called "feather springs" and your assumption is pretty close.

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