looking for locks that prevent locking out


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looking for locks that prevent locking out

as a child our exterior entrances (front door & back door) had locks that if door handle was turned (while lock was set, as to lock the door from the outside) the lock was un set.

This mean't to to lock the door from the outside you had to use a key from the outside to lock the door, and could not be locked out in error.

Are these still manfactured?
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Some Schlage locks have a push button on the inside knob, which if it is fully released prevents the door from locking w/o a key. Sometimes you can get locked out if the button does not disengage.
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On a "Weiser" brand knobset, one would have to turn the button on the inside or use a key on the outside to lock and unlock the door.
The above is the only one that comes to mind, but there are other brands that function the same.
This lessens the chance of an accidental lockout by requiring a deliberate act to lock the door.
Is that what you're looking for?

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Exclamation safety locks

What i am looking for is a lock with a mechinism, that when the door is closed ( a bolt or pin is pushed) and the door is unlocked so it can only be locked from the outside, after the door is closed.

or needs to be relocked from the inside after a person has exited from the door

Or a dead bolt that can only be locked from the outside, and the thumb handle on the inside can't be used (when home is empty)
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It may be that a double-cylider deadbolt is the closest you can get.

Only someone with key and can lock and unlock it. You cannot be locked out unless you do not have a key. If house is empty, no one will be able to exit unless they have a key or tools to dismantle the lock.
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Preventing Lockout

Hi Justintime, I was reviewing your post and your questions and had a thought. One thing you should take into consideration, especially if you need a key to exit your house is fire. I highly do not recommend having to use a key to exit. Panic is a killer. Not that you actually would but if a situation arose, you wouldn't want to find out the hard way. Just my 2 cents worth.

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This may be what you want

I believe you are referring to a classroom/dormatory function lock. These are readily available at most locksmith shops. They come in different grades for the traffic volume of the door. You should be able to find a Schlage "A" series or Arrow "M" series medium grade classroom/dormatory function lock for around $100 US. Classroom function; locks by key only from the outside knob, Dormatory can be locked from inside by button but if you open the door by the inside knob it automatically unlocks it, and can only be locked on the outside by key.
Other functions are available in heavy duty locksets but will run you alot more money over $200 US. I hope this helps!
PS I don't recommend double cylinders deadbolts in homes with children or elderly. Unless the are key retaining deadbolts, the kind you cannot remove the key from the inside if you lock it from the inside.

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