can't get doorknob off; what is this?


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can't get doorknob off; what is this?


Like apparently many amateurs I'm having a hard time getting the doorknob off my door. This is a U.S. Lock. I took a picture, it's at:

and I'm wondering what is the little metal loop that is peeking out between the trim piece and the knob? Is this something I'm supposed to be pushing or pulling?

I can pop the trim piece off fine, and I can see the screws are under it, it's just that the knob is still in the way so I can't get at the screw.



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Looks like it might be a Schlage. The little piece should be a spring that helps hold the trim on. On a Schlage lock there should be a little rectangle retainer that needs to be depressed while pulling gently on the knob. It will be on the tube of the lock visible between the knob and the trim piece. Or it may be accessed on some locks through a small round hole.
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now I know what happened (doorknob's still not off though)

when you said it looked like a schlage, then I looked at all the name on the faceplate of the latch (which I already took off), and it says Arrow. I says That's funny. Then I looked at all the parts the contractor left behind... and things are starting to make more sense, as in why the thing broke in the first place!! See, the latch had come free of the knob, leaving me outside my front door turning my key this way and that and never getting in.

Anyway, I think it's because they're mixing parts, the latch they used was Arrow, the knob, you think, is Schlage, I thought it was U.S. Lock but we'll never know for sure because I found both Schlage and U.S. Lock latches in the stuff the contractors left.

By the way, I did find a hole in the base of the outside knob, and with a paperclip in that and the key in the lock I was able to get the outside knob off. I thought maybe the whole thing would slide out the inside after that, but no such luck.

I really, really, really don't see any features such as slits or rectangle slots or things to press on, on the base of the inside knob. Nothing but the spring which you say keeps on the trim piece (and you're right about that.) Should I start getting more aggressive with pushing it through from the outside since I got the outside knob off? But that doesn't make any sense, I know those screws are still screwed down, I can see them (just barely, when I pop off the trim.)

More pictures at


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Hi bernadettebee
Schlage and Arrow are almost identical in how they're made.
That spring you see in the picture is indeed there to help hold the rose in place.
The problem you face is that the inside knob is tighter to the rose than it should be.
What you need to do to remove the inside knob, is to use a slot screwdriver to gently pry between the knob and the rose on the latch side of the knob (Opposite side of whats pictured) to expose the retainer hole. It is currently just beneath the edge of the rose.

Once you have the knob off the door, give the outside rose a couple of turns to better center the knobs.

If the latch disengaged from the knobset(and it sounds like it did), it is likely due to this off center problem as it did'nt allow the latch to engage the knob sufficiently enough and will be rectified once you adjust the outside rose as described above.

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fantastic! thank you so much for your help. With some lucky blind fishing around with a long, strong paperclip I found the hole and popped the doorknob off. Then after taking the knobset off I was able to adjust the outside rose just as you said. So now it's more centered and I see how the latch won't come off any more, so I know I won't be stuck outside my door again. Thank you so much!


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