Can Not Find Screws On My Deadbolt


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Can Not Find Screws On My Deadbolt

My mother-in-law has a dead bolt type lock on her front door. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it off to replace it. It is the type with the bolt that slides thru the round catches on the jam. the interior lock has no visable screws or holes for screws. The key slot on the interior is in the center of a large square knob about 3 1/2 x3 1/2 inches. there is a slot where the key goes I think this has something to do with removal but i'm not sure. we all have mother-in-laws PLEASE HELP
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You say "The key slot on the interior is in the center of a large square knob about 3 1/2 x3 1/2 inches". Is this a plate of some sort? I need more information on this, but I'll make some suggestions. First of all, is this lock one piece with the knobset? If it is, it is a mortis lock. (Recessed into the edge of the door). Usually these employ a lock type that is held in by set/lock screws from the edge of the door, under a faceplate. Check for a plate that is larger than usual. (Most have holes that the latch for the knob and the bolt go through, all in one plate) If you find this true, remove the plate, and you should see the little screws at the same level or height as the lock cylenders. Also, you could find holes next to where the deadbolt extends. This requires a long allen type wrench to loosen the lock cylenders. If you find either, loosen the screws and unscrew the locks from the lock body. As a wrench for this part of the job, I put the key part way in the lock, and turn with the key. Make sure the lock is free though, or you could break the key off in the lock causing you more problems. Now on to the other possiblilty..

If you do not find the long plate mentioned earlier, you have something I'm not familiar with, (and I'd invite another moderator to join this posting at anytime) You could always call a locksmith or a carpenter friend for some advice. Post back about the plate idea, and we'll take it from there.

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Welcome to the DIY boards md337up
In saying that "the bolt that slides thru the round catches on the jam" I think what your describing, is an old style jimmy proof lock.
These had a square knob with the keyway in the middle. Operating the key to the unlock position allowed the knob to be turned to unlock the door.
If this is what you have, then you would see the mounting screws through the "slot" as you turn the knob. They are removed using a philips screwdriver.

If neither cuedude or I have been of help. Try to post back with a little more detail. Things like the edge plate measurement(Where the bolt come out), square or round bolt and its size, and how it engages the frame.

And yes...I also have a motherinlaw and appreciate the importance of keeping in her good books!


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