Seeking opinions on good door locks


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Seeking opinions on good door locks

Just purchased a home which desperately needs the exterior door locks upgraded. The ones that are on the doors now are old and very loose. I am willing to pay a little more in order to get good, reliable locks. I am seeking opinions on what brands are good. I'm trying to avoid the basic brands you get at the big box stores in favor of something that is tried and true. Any advice on what type I should look for and where I can get them would be appreciated. Thank you!!
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Hi tvshooter;
The big box stores usually offer the Weiser and Schlage brands along with a few "off shore" brands.
(Stay away from those cheap offshore brands or you'll be replacing them again sooner than you think)
Both of the above manufacturers offer half decent medium duty locksets.
But if it's a high security deadbolt that you're looking for, Medeco is among the best.
Because a knoblock offers only secondary security anyway, I usually advise my customers that are looking for "the best", to have a low cost passage set installed and the money saved can be spent on a superior deadbolt.
Medeco high security deadbolts are virtually impossible to pick, very time consuming to drill, and if installed with all hardware provided (some take shortcuts and don't use all the parts), and an extended strike plate, you'll have superior protection.

High security brands offer single cylinder, double cylinder and captive key options.

The "single cylinder" deadbolt is normally installed on a door where there is no glass in or near the door that a thief could break and reach in to unlock your deadbolt.
A "double cylinder" deadbolt is key operated from either side of the door and is installed on a door with glass in or near it to prevent unauthorized entry. Fire marshals frown on the use of these due to the possibility of it being a hazard in the event of an emergency where the key can't be found easily to unlock the door to escape.
If a customer asks me to install a double cylinder deadbolt, I always advise that they get in the habit of leaving a key in the inside cylinder when at home so everyone would be able to escape in the event of such an emergency.

The "captive key" is basically a deadbolt with a thumbturn that is removable. The thumbturn can only be removed by someone who has a working key, because the working key has to be inserted and turned in the outside cylinder in order to remove the thumbturn inside. This prevents an unauthorized person from removing the thumbturn.

Sounds confusing perhaps, but a visit to your local Locksmith store will clarify it once you see a demo model.
When customers express concern over the higher pricing of high security deadbolts, I remind them that these locks are long term investments that you take with you when you move to a new home.
You really do get what you pay for, and what price is too high to protect your loved ones?

I've had Medeco captive key deadbolts for just over 9 years, and with a twice yearly spray of lubricant, they work as well today as the day I bought them.

I hope this has shed some light and provided you with some insite tvshooter.

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It definitely has.- thank you very much. This home I just purchased was owned by an elderly couple and frankly, anyone could break into this place so easily. The locks are all old and loose, including the window locks. I have a lot of expensive broadcasting and musical equipment here, and I want to know it's protected. I'll look into Medeco locks immediately. This is why I love this website- it's made great by people like you who are willing to share their expertise with others- thank you!!!!
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