Door casing reinforcement?


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Door casing reinforcement?

After locking myself out of my home, I was forced to kick the door in between the garage and the house. The door frame gave in VERY easily. It made me think- what good is even the best lock if the casing it's bolted into is just soft wood? The big box store sells strips of steel, and I was trying to devise a way to use one as a steel reinforcement barrier inside the door casing. Anyone have any advice for reinforcing a door frame?
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There is a fairly large selection of door and door lock reinforcing items available in the marketplace.They are carried by the big boxes as well as real hardware stores.One company I am familiar with is MAG Security but I'm sure there are others.This would be a good starting point for your ideas.I do not believe they make a whole door frame reinforcing kit or simular so you may have to create that yourself if you feel you need to reinforce the entire frame.The MAG items will definately make the lock and surrounding area much more secure.
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Hi tvshooter
Like spdavid has already said, Mag makes an assortment of extended strike plates. Don jo is another manufacturer that comes to mind.
You have found the easiest way to discover door security weaknesses by having to gain access to your home by force.
In cases of doors in wooden frames, I usually suggest to customers who are upgrading locks to also pay attention to the frame it engages, as this then becomes a weak point.
I've mortised in angle aluminum on occassion that extends the full length of the frame on the latch side and attach with 3 or 4" screws so they go into the stud behind the door casing. Then I cut in the holes to accomodate the latch and bolt.

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spdavid is right on. The first thing I would start with is a heavy duty reinforced strike. This will require some mortiseing and will have screws that are long enough to go into the studs. Something like this:

If it is a hollow core door use a MAG reinforcement plate to wrap the door where the lock is installed.

Do not overlook the hinges. Put a long screw into the studs on each of the hinges.
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I think I've devised a great way to do it. I'll try to post pics in the coming days. Stay tuned...
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The longer scews - 3 or 4 inches that reach all the way into the stud behind the strike plate is the key to a securing your door. It will only be a strong as the screws the hold the plate in place. Be sure not to use long drywall screws they will shear off very easily.
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You want to use the grade 8 screws.

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