Help needed...simple door lock


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Help needed...simple door lock

I posted not so long ago and the info I recieved was fantastic. My Dad has Alzheimer's and my Mom asked me to install another lock in her house. At the end of the hallway is a door which opens into the garage. This door has a deadbolt with key which she keeps locked for his safety and so he won't use the garage as the toilet. She's tired of having to unlock the door with a key and she's searching for a simpler way to lock the door. My thought was to mount a surface bolt vertically to the door and drill a hole above it in the door frame or moulding for the bolt to shove into. Please does anyone have any other ideas on locking an interior door. (the door opens outward into garage). She wants me to stop by in the morning. Thanks.
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That is probably the easiest and cheapest. If you wanted to be elegant and spend some money you could go with some type of combo lock, but I would think the bolt would do it.

I worked at a facility a while back with an Alzheimers wing and the surface bolt worked good for a while-until we admitted a new patient. Walter was very helpful-he would see someone trying the knob on the door and when they confirmed that they wanted to leave he would unlock the bolt for them-for everyone else it was effective.
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Hi eman7911
If your Dad is mid to late stage Alzeimers, a simple chainlock or slidebolt installed above eye level should be sufficient as most Alzeimers patients in this stage won't think to look up to find a lock.

There is also a devise I've used that goes by the name of "Door Guardian", it works similar to a chainlock but is spring loaded. An person with AD would not likely be able to figure out its operation to open the door.
If you'd like more information on the door guardian, a search on Google will provide all you need.


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