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Hello can any1 please help me I havent got a clue with locks, I moved in to a house and there was a small gap in the back door at the top, my uncle came around and was trying to fix it but he gets carried away and was off on another job moveing the lock on my back door he said it needed moving over to make the door fit better dont know what he done but the key snapped off and he he went home and I have not been able to use this door since then weeks ago so today I decided time to fix it inside was the handle so i undone the screws, and then i had two holes 1 for the key and 1 for the handle there was no sign of the key, i can put a screw driver inside and turn it round all the way so whats happened to the bit of key, i think my uncle has moved the locks over wrong and this has caused the key to snap its a old lock thatu have to lock it when u want it locked its like this on both sides, is there any way of my getting into the lock from one of these holes i can see so i can open my door????? any help would be gratefull thanks kate :
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Hi Misskatie,

I am going to need more information to fully answer your question. From what it sounds like to me is that the door may have sagged. Is this what it was? Was the gap you speak of on the lock side of the door near the top? The best remedy for that I've found is get some longer screws, insuring they go all the way into the sub bracing under the framework of the door. This gives them "New" wood to fasten to, and almost always pulls the door back into alignment.

Where I'm getting confused is when you talk about "holes" big enough for a screw driver to activate the lock. Is this a deadbolt? Or is it a handleset? Please get back to me on this. I will help in any way I can.


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