Removing One-Way Screws on Security Screen Door


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Removing One-Way Screws on Security Screen Door

I am a first time home owner just out of college, we bought a fixer-upper. I need to remove the old security screen door frame so I can hang the new one. Any creative ideas how to remove the one-way screws? The guy I talked to at Loews just laughed when I asked him and said "If you could remove them it wouldn't be a security door." Is there a special tools that allows you to remove them. Thanks.
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Good Morning dlarruso,

Yes, there is a tool for removing the "One way" screws. I think they are made by X-Lite, who is actually made by Klein. The Driver shaft is 2-3 times the diameter of a regular screw driver, solid, with 2 little studs sticking streight out from them on the tip. They come in 3 sizes, and should be available at a good hardware store. They don't look like they would work, but they do.

The little studs actually grap the sloped edge of the screws channel, by the edge of the tip, allowing you to unscrew them.
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Congratulations on your new home and welcome to the forums!

In addition to cuedude's suggestions, did you notice this previous thread by serf4? Some other possibilities if you cannot find the right tool.
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Great Suggestions

Thanks Everyone. I will work on it tonight and let you know this weekend how it all comes out. I will look for the tool first and if that does not work I cut my own flathead slot into the screw.
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I was able to remove the Screws

I just wanted to follow up with everyone and for the benefit of anyone with a future problem. I did find the tool that is available to unscrew the one way screws on a security screen door. Home depot has it at this link Home Depot One-Way Screw remover Screwdrivier

I was fortunate because I did not need to order the screwdriver. THe screws in the old door were not put in super tight. I was abel to us a pair of channel lock pliers to grap the rim of the screw and unscrew it that way.
Thanks for your help everyone.

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