How to replace Kwikset deadbolt?


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How to replace Kwikset deadbolt?

Hi there,I want to replace the existing Kwikset deadbolt lock on my front door. It has only one keyhole on the exterior, and a thumb lever on the interior. I think this is called a single cylinder. I did some searches but most people's questions are on double cylinders, not single cylinders.

I sucessfully removed the 2 mounting screws and the plate with the thumb lever. But afterwards I have no idea what to do.

I was wondering if you could give me brief instructions on how to remove the entire deadbolt lock?
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Good Morning,

If you look at the edge of the door, you will see the bolt is held in by two screws. Remove them, and the bolt should slide out. If it doesn't, take a screwdriver, put it through one of the screw access holes for the main lock screws, (through the big hole, through the door), and pull with that using both hands if necessary. This should give you better leverage to remove the bolt, and it doesn't damage the door. Viola...the lock is out.

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Got it!

Okay I managed to remove the deadbolt. Apparently, the the 2 screws I took out were just used to mount the thumb lever. There are 2 MORE, LONGER screws which are used to actually hold the entire deadbolt lock together. I didn't know these were screws because their heads were hollowed out. They were hollowed out to accomodate the 2 thumb lever screws.

Thanks for the help
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Thanks for the update wildcard, this point may help others. The large hollow screws with interior threads will have a slot in them so a standard screwdriver can be used to remove them.

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