code cuts for a hon file cab


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code cuts for a hon file cab

hello, i have a HON file cabinet that i would like to be able to lock but i dont have the key, i have a hpc 1200 code machine but cant find the code in my older reed microfisch. the code is 133r. any help would be great. thanks in advance kenny
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Until one of the locksmiths comes by to help. I wanted to say that I have a 5yr old Hon file cabinet and the original key says ESP corp. Maybe that will help you find the code.
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Good Morning Kennyf,

I don't usually give codes out, but here it is: Card #CX32, and cuts are 11455 If you don't have card CX32, card X32 will work. Man it's early...LOL
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You can also purchase a program called InstaCode. It runs on ur PC and will actually print the cards out the cards and look up the codes for you. If your saying your out of date. I would suggest something to that effect. Btw Dude's code is right
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hello again and thanks, key worked great. before posting i looked into getting an updated set of code software, but the cost is too great for what i would use it for, i mainly only use my code machine for setting up master key systems and rarely use for cutting by code. i ran across a site that offered a service for around $50 a year in which you would have unlimited access to codes but i forgot the site. again thanks for the help kenny
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Hi Kennyf,

There are many different sources for codes. Codesource is one, Genericode is another that will give you virtually any code as well. That's what I have, as well as the old HPC code books. I bought it because the HPC codes do not include the Import Vehicles. I recommend either of the other code software. Might be a bit expensive, but in the long run, they pay for them selves with other things as well. As an example, if you were to call someone here to make that key, you would have saved $60-$75. Six or seven calles like that pays for the software. And they are updateable much easier than the HPC books.

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I am the "locksmith" for a school district in Texas, we use hon cabinets. What im looking for is a machine that cuts hon keys. Weuse a local locksmith to cut hon keys when needed but thats $75 a shot! He wont tell me where he got his machine. I know he looks at some type of cards to find the key number then cuts it. ANY help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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A locksmith for a school district would already be purchasing from a locksmith supply company. Why wouldnt they be you first point of reference?

$75 for a HON key to code is a blatant ripoff and highway robbery. I have been in the locksmith business 30+ years and on 4 continents, many places that have much higher cost economies than here and the highest we ever charged in any country for a little HON key to code was $25.00

In the USA, the key blanks (original from factory) cost about $1.00 each to purchase wholesale. There is a code machine that few locksmiths have called a Unocode machine that can cost $25K plus. If they are using such a machine, perhaps they are charging as much as they do as a result, but they would be using a computerised code system to find the key code. Otherwise, a guy who is using code cards and space and depth keys or his own Framon, HPC, ITL or even old Ilco plate machine, is charging way too much for these keys.

I suggest there are other things you are not telling us. Like, does the locksmith attend the site to make the keys onsite? If so, it is likely that he is charging a service call and labor as well as the cost of the key.
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The average price for single-sided file cabinet locks and similar, nationally, is about $15 for in-shop service, with an average jobsite (trip) charge of around $65. Here in Texas, these prices are generally less than the national average.
For a double-sided keys add $5.

As Global said, we hope $75 includes the trip charge to the jobsite, but for most customers, it's more cost effective to call in the code, then send the "errand boy" to the smithy to pick up the keys, ($15), while he's tending to other errands.

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